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Father Knows Best

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To be a brother or sister we have to humble ourselves and recognize that we are not the Parent in God's Family and they are not our children. We have One Father, and He is responsible for the correction, protection, discipline, and direction of His children....

The Foolishness of the Cross

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What’s wrong with the Church is that Christ is not preached, the Cross is not taken up, and the Self has not died. So if I am to suffer, let me suffer for preaching the foolishness of the Cross.

The Last Exodus

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If you follow this revelation of Christ to its ultimate conclusion, and if you truly desire to give Him preeminence in all things, then you will eventually find that you have nothing in common with the religious system that man has created in His Name.

Family, Fellowship and Leadership

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If you primarily see fellowship as a verb, then of course you are very interested in where to meet, when to meet, how to meet...  To me, those questions and concerns are all based on a viewpoint that sees fellowship as a verb – something to be done.

Is Christian Unity Possible?

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Jesus prayed for a spiritual unity in Him first and foremost.  From there anything is possible, even deep relationships and fellowship with others. But that can only happen when your spiritual life is founded upon a deep, abiding belief in three core principles... 

Who Then Can Be Saved?

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Paul's confession and the belief did not lead to this encounter with Jesus; it was the encounter with Jesus that lead to his confession and belief!  How quickly we forget - if we ever really understand it at all - that "you have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you" (Jn 15:16a). 

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God never called us to a Church-Centered Faith.
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