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No Other Way

By | Mar 28|

To insist that there is no salvation apart from One Man is, in the eyes of the world, rather narrow-minded. But we insist upon it because it is true.

Reigning on Earth

By | Mar 27|

When we think of a king, we usually think of some human authority exerting their will upon their subjects with a haughty air. But true authority is not found in title or position.

First Submit, Then Resist

By | Mar 26|

So many times we try to resist, but we are defeated. Why? Simply because we attempt to resist the devil before we have first submitted ourselves to God.

Celebrating Him

By | Mar 25|

If there is no spirit-and-truth worship in our prayer closet at home, we cannot expect spirit-and-truth worship when we gather together.

Singleness of Purpose

By | Mar 24|

God desires a group of people who no longer think and live as mere individuals, only concerned with getting their particular needs met; but are more interested in serving God and meeting the needs of each other.

Receive Your Inheritance

By | Mar 23|

As we look at the promises made to those who overcome we should see that God is not establishing some new order or special group which enjoys rights and privileges not accessible to the rest of the saints.

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