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Seeing As God Sees

Wisdom is the ability to see things from heaven’s, and thus God’s, perspective. Daily we must choose between ignorant bliss or seeing things as God sees them. It is a daily choice. You cannot be told, you have to see it for yourself.

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Serving Two Masters?

There can only be one master in your life. You can only serve one thing at a time. You are not free to do as you please. Even if you say you serve no one, you are still serving Self. So which will it be?

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The Cross: The Tree of Life

The Cross does not look like a Tree of Life at all. It is neither good, nor pleasant, nor desirable. It looks like death. Perhaps this is why Adam did not eat from it first. But God’s End is not death, regardless of appearances

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Nothing Without Him

November 3 “Without Me you can do nothing.” JOHN 15:5 Jesus would explain to His disciples that spiritual life hinges upon living in active dependence upon Himself. That is the fundamental lesson to learn because it is the fundamental sin of mankind – the independent...

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All I Have is Yours

The robe, the ring, and the shoes only represent the “all,” the fullness of the Father, and “of His fullness we have all received” (John 1:16). The Father says, “All that I have is yours!” Who can dare ask God for a single thing apart from the Son?

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The Glory is His

In a time when men solicit the glory and honor and power from one another, there is a Holy Nation of priests and kings who will give the Son the glory He deserves.

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The Daily Walk

We cannot expect to have a single mountaintop experience with the Lord and then assume from henceforth the work of the Cross is completed in us.

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The Fullness of the Kingdom

The Kingdom may be near, at hand, at the door, even within; but it has not come in its fullness until the King Himself returns. This is the sense in which Jesus calls upon us to watch and pray for the Kingdom to come.

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Submit to the Cross

If we have to die in order to truly live, let us be about the business of dying! If we must be crucified in order to have Resurrection Life, then let us just submit to it and get it over with!

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Order of Creation

The more we look at creation the easier it is to believe that there is Someone with infinite wisdom Who designed everything with purposeful intention according to a definite order and arrangement.

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Prisoner of Love

Let us stretch forth our hands and allow Him to dress us and lead us where He wishes us to go, in the way we would not choose for ourselves, for that is the Narrow Way, and it is the path of blessing, though it be disguised.

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