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OTC #03: Religion vs. Relationship

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Chip discusses the freedom and joy of a love relationship – not just another religious relationship pretending to be love, but a real relationship with God, and a real relationship with God’s people, that is based on Christ, not based on church.

OTC #02: Meeting the Real Jesus

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"I’m not saying you need to get your act together and start doing more for God. I’m saying it’s time for you to meet the same Jesus Paul met, the kind of Jesus that changes you from the inside out, that creates such a spiritual revolution in your life that it ruins you – in a good way. I’m talking about a relationship, not a religion!"

OTC #1: Jesus Ruined My Life

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You can have religion with no revelation. Revelation leads to revolution! That’s what repentance is – a revolution, a total change in your mind, your heart, your behavior that takes you way beyond where you were, and takes you to a brand new place you never dreamed was possible.

OTC #0: Following Jesus “Outside the Camp”

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If you are burned out on religion, if you are fed up with church, if you don’t feel as if you fit in to the popular Christian culture, and you are hungry and thirsty for truth on a deeper level, then my message to you is simple: You are not crazy, you are not alone, and now is the greatest opportunity of your life!

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