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The Secret of Spiritual Power

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Christians everywhere are keenly interested in how to be increased, how to be stronger, how to take authority, how to rise up, how to get more. They look for methods, formulas, and techniques for becoming bigger and better. The Lord has a different approach for us to take...

Was Jesus Really a Rabbi?

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I have generally assumed that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi. After all, He was born in Israel, He was Jewish, and people called Him, “Rabbi.” But that would make Him a professionally trained religious leader. Was He?

A Kingdom Manifesto

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The Sermon on the Mount, as it is commonly known, begins with what some people refer to as The Beatitudes: “Blessed are...”. What follows is a kind of Kingdom Manifesto, some foundational truths that will help us to better understand what life is like in this Kingdom of God.

God’s Entire Plan: in 5 Simple Verses

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Pretend for a moment that you know nothing about Jesus Christ, and have heard nothing, and have read nothing from any Christian church or ministry. You overhear me talking about Jesus, and you ask, “Who is Jesus?” Without saying a word, I hand you a piece of paper containing five verses of Scripture...

Father Knows Best

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To be a brother or sister we have to humble ourselves and recognize that we are not the Parent in God's Family and they are not our children. We have One Father, and He is responsible for the correction, protection, discipline, and direction of His children....

Victory Is A Man

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The one in Christ is seated with Him in the heavenly places. If we see ourselves in Him then we cannot help but understand that since the battle is already won, and Victory is ours, then we do not need a method or a technique designed to "get" a victory which we already possess.

Ought Not This Woman Be Loosed?

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Religion is on the side of bondage, tradition, conformity, uniformity, control, and manipulation. The Lord Jesus is on the side of liberty, freedom, deliverance, healing, setting free, releasing, and restoring that which is bound. And in ten seconds, Jesus did something that eighteen years of religion had been unable and unwilling to do.

Family, Fellowship and Leadership

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If you primarily see fellowship as a verb, then of course you are very interested in where to meet, when to meet, how to meet...  To me, those questions and concerns are all based on a viewpoint that sees fellowship as a verb – something to be done.

The Goal of This Age

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The answer to overcoming and obtaining the victory, reaching spiritual maturity in this age and spiritual perfection in the ages to come, is entirely dependent upon our relationship with this Person.  Will we, do we, abide in Him? Is He our dwelling place?

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