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Why Are You Here?

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I've been lying in bed awake since 2:15 a.m. thinking about the answer to a question I ask myself regularly: "Why am I here?" It helps to regularly touch base with your purpose. But while I was thinking about the answer to that, I thought about something Paul said in Galatians 4:19 that sounds a little strange...

The Sad Story of a Wise Old Fool

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However well Solomon may have started out, and however well he may have lived for most of his life, Solomon did not finish well. He did not end his life on a good note. He ended poorly. He did not just make some mistakes towards the end of his life – he utterly, completely, and totally failed.

The Foolishness of the Cross

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What’s wrong with the Church is that Christ is not preached, the Cross is not taken up, and the Self has not died. So if I am to suffer, let me suffer for preaching the foolishness of the Cross.

Living the Christ-Life

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So many times I do something thinking it is Good, thinking it is really Spiritual and Holy and Pure, but it results in Death. It is Death because it is "me" doing it. For many years that was the way I pursued the ministry. I was very busy doing things for God, and of course I thought I was a good, spiritual person. But I am in the flesh whenever "I" am doing anything apart from Jesus.

The Altar is Already Built

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Stop building crap FOR Him, offering crap TO Him, and defending the crap that people do in His Name! All that is just a way to avoid offering up YOURSELF on the CROSS as living sacrifice – which is what God is really asking for.

The Triumph of Love

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“He died FOR me!” says one who hears the story. “He died AS me!” says one who knows the Man. To embrace the Cross is To take the greatest possible risk To endure the greatest

Why Israel Matters

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The topic of Israel has been talked about, it's been preached about, and it's a topic that seems to generate a lot of interest among Christian people. But a lot of them really don't have a clue about how Israel fits into the plan of God or how Israel is related to the Ekklesia, they just kind of follow the lead of the preachers who get on television and talk about Israel.

Are You Afraid of the Devil?

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Most of what I learned about the devil came from church and from books I read by people who gave the devil far more credit than they should have. As a result, I spent a

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