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Is Christian Unity Possible?

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Jesus prayed for a spiritual unity in Him first and foremost.  From there anything is possible, even deep relationships and fellowship with others. But that can only happen when your spiritual life is founded upon a deep, abiding belief in three core principles... 

Who Then Can Be Saved?

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Paul's confession and the belief did not lead to this encounter with Jesus; it was the encounter with Jesus that lead to his confession and belief!  How quickly we forget - if we ever really understand it at all - that "you have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you" (Jn 15:16a). 

The Last Exodus

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If you follow this revelation of Christ to its ultimate conclusion, and if you truly desire to give Him preeminence in all things, then you will eventually find that you have nothing in common with the religious system that man has created in His Name.

Is Jesus Enough?

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Many things compete for our time, attention, affection, energy, and money. But there is only one Lord Jesus. Just as some people cannot see the forest for the trees, I believe most sinners cannot see Jesus for the Christians. And I believe most Christians cannot see Jesus for the "church".

Are You A Prophet?

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Prophetic utterance does not deal with “things,” but with Christ. When the prophetic revelation is genuine, we will be able to answer the question: “What about this tells me something about Christ?” If we cannot find something of Christ in it, then whatever it is, it isn’t prophetic.

What I Learned By Giving Up the News for 30 Days

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Without the constant buzz of “news” I find myself more relaxed, more focused on what I need to do to create positive change in the world, and less distracted by the constant beeping and chirping of someone else telling me what I should pay attention to.

7 Kingdom Misconceptions

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For most Christians today, the Kingdom of God is a vague, mystical non-reality. Heaven is a celestial rest home for dearly departed saints. The Kingdom is mentioned twice in the ceremonial recitation of the Lord's Prayer but has virtually no impact on the spiritual consciousness of the average church-goer.

Why Are You Here?

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I've been lying in bed awake since 2:15 a.m. thinking about the answer to a question I ask myself regularly: "Why am I here?" It helps to regularly touch base with your purpose. But while I was thinking about the answer to that, I thought about something Paul said in Galatians 4:19 that sounds a little strange...

The Sad Story of a Wise Old Fool

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However well Solomon may have started out, and however well he may have lived for most of his life, Solomon did not finish well. He did not end his life on a good note. He ended poorly. He did not just make some mistakes towards the end of his life – he utterly, completely, and totally failed.

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