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Relationship, Not Religion

Experience the freedom and joy of a Christ-centered Faith.

A Rock That Offends

The way you perceive things, the way you relate to things, the way you understand things – all of it has to be changed. At the very least it must be challenged.

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He does not have to raise His voice or call down fire from Heaven or do anything other than simply reveal Himself for Who He is.

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Stir Up the Life

The things we call temptations, testings, and trials are the very means through which God desires to activate the Life He has placed within you!

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What Does God Want?

This narrow path we call discipleship. It leads us somewhere. A path is not for standing still. It has a destination. Where does the path lead? What is the End?

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Fear No Evil

The Cross renders us dead to the world so that we can bring Life to others who are in the world and not worry that we may become contaminated or polluted by the things we encounter.

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No Confidence in the Flesh

To react in the flesh diminishes spiritual authority, and this must be avoided at all costs. Allowing the flesh to have its way for only a moment guarantees defeat against a spiritual adversary.

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