Will you help me preserve a Christ-centered Faith for the next generation?

For many years I was a pastor, teacher and worship leader in the church system. One day, “Jesus ruined my life” by revealing Himself to me in a profound way. And I’m so glad that He did! That was the end of my career as a preacher for Organized Religion – but the beginning of an exciting journey into the depths of Christ “outside the camp.”

Since 1995, I’ve shared my unique perspective with people all over the world who are sick and tired of “Churchianity” and want to get back to their First Love – or even find Him for the first time.

1 Tim. 2:2 says, “Teach these things to faithful people who can teach others.” If Christ-centered teaching is not preserved and handed down to the next generation, it will be lost in the milieu of liberalism, atheism, Churchianity, and false religions. It is very nearly lost already. We must do what the Institutional Church has failed to do: we must teach these things to faithful people who can teach others to ensure the continuity of the Testimony of Jesus until He returns.


I am your brother,




Chip Brogden

“Yes! I will stand with you.”

I watched the video and it spoke to my heart. I am in agreement with you and want to help you preserve a Christ-Centered Faith!

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