Principle 3 – Holy Spirit

In this lesson, you’ll learn Principle #3 of the 7 Basic Principles of Discipleship.

Action Steps

  1. Watch the lesson video above.
  2. Continue to observe your “Daily Time With God”.
  3. Read or listen to this message: Adjustment to the Government of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Ask the Holy Sprit to show you the areas in which you need to be adjusted. Ask Him to reveal those areas in your life in which you are “carnal” – led by your mind, will, emotions, and feelings; and the areas in which you are “spiritual” – truly led by Him. Write down the answers, impressions, thoughts, or intuitions you receive in your Spiritual Life Journal.
  5. (Optional) Share any thoughts, observations, or questions about what you have learned in the comments section below.

You’ll receive the next lesson by email in about a week.

Chip Brogden
CHIP BROGDEN is a best-selling author, teacher, and former pastor who shares "real, simple, truth" about a Christ-centered faith that is based on relationship, not religion. Learn more »


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