Being Thankful in a World of Entitlement

When we stop to reflect upon all that we have in Christ, it is natural and normal to respond with praise and thanks to God. The ones who live in Christ ought to be the most thankful, appreciative, and grateful people in the world – for In Him, and through Him, and because of Him, we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing.

The Most Basic Lesson

“I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwells no good thing” (Romans 7:18a). It is a great day for the Lord when a disciple of Jesus learns this most basic lesson: that in “me”, in myself, in my flesh, dwells no good thing. This is a very difficult thing for...

To Whom Am I Sent?

Often we take the easy yoke and the light burden of the Lord and turn it into a difficult yoke and a heavy burden. This happens when we go beyond the place God has appointed us and take it upon ourselves to do things He has not called us to do, go to places He has not called us to go to, and speak with people to whom we have not been sent.

Prevalence, Prominence, and Preeminence

Compared to the rest of the world, most Christians make Jesus prominent in their lives. They give Him a place. They invite Him into their life and He takes His place among the many other things they have going on. They call Him Lord, they go to church, they sing worship songs to Him, and He is an important part of their life – but only to a point.

The Remnant Principle (Part 1)

Daniel and his friends represent the Overcomers. Daniel purposed in his heart that he would forever and always maintain a certain amount of hostility and resistance to the world system there in Babylon. Not a loud, demonstrative, attention-getting resistance, but a quiet, purposeful, principle-based way of living.

Experience the Freedom and Joy
of a Christ-Centered Faith.

“If you are burned out on religion, if you are fed up with church, if you don’t feel as if you fit in to the popular Christian culture, and you are hungry and thirsty for truth on a deeper level, then my message to you is simple: You are not crazy, you are not alone, and now is the greatest opportunity of your life!” – Chip Brogden

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Daily Messages from Chip Brogden

The Lion and the Lamb

We tend to think of Jesus only in terms of the “Lamb” – meek, silent, longsuffering, and turning the other cheek. He certainly is all that. Yet here we get a glimpse of Jesus as the “Lion.”

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An Ascendant Spirit

It is one thing for us to try to act heavenly, and it is quite another thing for us to enter into such communion and fellowship with the Heavenly Man that we simply begin to exude His heavenliness.

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The Head of the Body

We must not force this metaphor to an extreme and suggest that Jesus is unable to do anything without us; but we can certainly say that Jesus, as the Head of the Ekklesia, will not do anything without involving His Body.

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Your Key to Personal Revival

The Ekklesia enjoys spiritual oneness with Jesus, and so it grows spiritually (and may I say it grows spontaneously) without effort, and is fruitful as it continues to abide in that spiritual oneness that already exists in Christ.

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A Religion of Fear

My mission in life is to let people know that you don’t have to go to Church to find God. God’s favor doesn’t depend upon the Church’s favor. It just doesn’t. Religion is fear-based, and Relationship is love-based, and you can have that relationship right now. You know, that’s a revolutionary concept for most people.

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No Fellowship? No Problem!

The purpose of solitude in the spiritual desert is to get you to see that Jesus is Enough. You’re not going to die from lack of fellowship, but if you don’t learn that Jesus is Enough then spiritually speaking you’re dead already. He’s the One you need to be focused on – not starting a fellowship, not finding a home group, not making something happen with other people.

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A New Way to Pray: 4 Benefits

I think we all start out with a kindergarten-level understanding of prayer. I know I did. I suppose that is natural; unfortunately, too many people remain at that level and never advance beyond it. At first, prayer is all about “me.” My needs, wants, wishes, desires,...

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The Wisdom of the Pharisees

Come to Him and learn of Him. Repudiate the wisdom of the Pharisees and embrace this Man Who does not keep the Sabbath, because this Man is the Son of the Most High God, and there is therefore now NO condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus!

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Don’t Look Back!

Most of the time, the right decision don’t feel good. Doing the right thing is usually difficult. The easiest thing to do is to quit, to give up, to go back to Egypt. But I’m telling you, get to place where going back is no longer an option – then going back is no longer a temptation.

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Heart of Fire: A Story of Light, Life, and Love

A novel by Chip Brogden

Heart of Fire is more than a novel or a book of spiritual teachings: it is a Biblically and historically accurate account of life as a Christian in the first and second century, based on real people, actual events, and timeless truths that are as applicable today as they were then.

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Decoding the Bible: What Does It Say, What Does It Mean, How Does It Apply?

Learn how to “decode the Bible” so you will be thoroughly equipped in the basics of a Christ-centered, Spirit-led, and SCRIPTURE-BASED walk with God!

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