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Our perspective on spiritual authority is fresh, liberating, and very, very different from anything you have ever heard on the subject. The reason is simple: we aren’t trying to get you to submit to us!

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Fewer subjects have been more frequently misunderstood and abused than the subject of spiritual authority. Do any of the following situations sound familiar to you?

  • A pastor refuses all correction on the basis that he is the “spiritual authority” in the church, and therefore, above question. Those who disagree are ridiculed and ultimately forced to leave.
  • A man who claims to be “the spiritual head of the house” rules his family with such an iron grip that his wife and children are terrified of him.
  • In another family, the man shows no outward interest in spiritual things, so the woman takes it upon herself to be “the spiritual head of the house”.
  • A certain “house church” expects all the women to be “submissive”, and this means they are to sit separately from the men and are not allowed to speak – but they are expected to keep the children, serve the meals, and clean up afterwards, while the men sit back and watch.
  • In another “house church”, the founding “apostle” is treated with guru-like reverence, and no one makes a move or thinks a thought apart from his implicit approval and direction – even on matters of where to live, where to work, and who they may visit.
  • Someone questions the church leadership and is immediately labeled as “rebellious” or having “a spirit of Jezebel”.
  • An “apostle” convinces a handful of pastors that they should submit to his “authority” and send him tithes and offerings each week.
  • A “prophet” gives a “word” that is obviously wrong but no one has the courage to speak up and say so.
  • A prayer group spends hours “rebuking the devil” but strangely enough, the more they pray, the worse things get.
  • A “healing evangelist” claims to have a “special anointing” to pray for the sick but little lasting improvement can be seen.
  • Another “evangelist” attempts to “release the anointing” through the television camera.
  • A married couple wants to leave the church but the pastor says they would lose their “spiritual covering” unless he “releases” them first, so they are afraid to leave.

We could go on and on, but the point is clear. We are not making any of these scenarios up. We have personally witnessed these examples, and many more, in churches and ministries all over the world. In addition, we receive email from people each week who are going through experiences just like these. Obviously something is very, very wrong. And the problem is getting worse. Chances are you’ve either experienced something along these lines or you know someone who has. In almost every case, these problems can be solved with a correct understanding of TRUE SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY. Our goal is not to try and correct false preachers and teachers. Instead, we want to correct the erroneous impressions so many Christians have about spiritual authority and equip them with good, practical, Biblical teaching on the subject so they can be released from the spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial bondage of religious oppression. Since Jesus said all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Him, why do so many others claim to have it? Once you truly discover spiritual authority you will never again submit yourself to the fleshly demands of a hireling. It’s just that simple. What is spiritual authority? Who has spiritual authority? Who doesn’t have spiritual authority? How do I increase spiritual authority? And how do I respond to people trying to manipulate, control and abuse me under the guise of “spiritual authority”? All these questions, and many more, are answered in this teaching series, “Spiritual Authority – Who Has It, Who Doesn’t, And What You Can Do About It.” Our perspective on spiritual authority is fresh, liberating, and very, very different from anything you have ever heard on the subject. The reason is simple: we aren’t trying to get you to submit to us! We have no personal agenda. We only have a Kingdom Agenda. Our fondest wish is to see you submitted to Jesus Christ and delivered from man’s authority once and for all. There are four messages in this series, including:

  1. What The Bible Says About Spiritual Authority
  2. Who Has Spiritual Authority?
  3. What You Can Do About Spiritual Abuse
  4. Increasing In Spiritual Authority

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Total Program Length: 4 hours 27 minutes

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