The Fruit of the Spirit

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In this series of teachings, we’ll look at all nine characteristics of spiritual fruit, and we’ll discuss the difference between the “plastic fruit” that is just for show and the real fruit that is evidence of a transformed character.

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In this series of teachings, we’ll look at all nine characteristics of spiritual fruit, and we’ll discuss the difference between the “plastic fruit” that is just for show and the real fruit that is evidence of a transformed character.

There are eight messages in this massive 12-hour series, including:

1. The Fruit of the Spirit is Love

When we allow the Holy Spirit to increase Christ, and when we allow the Cross to do its work of decreasing Self, spiritual fruit will come forth in abundance. This makes everything we experience worthwhile.

What is the fruit of the Spirit? It is the reward, the prize, the end result of all those seasons of increasing and decreasing: the character and nature of Christ reproduced in a person. It is the precious Seed finally coming into maturity.

Galtians 5 says that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control. Fruit is not how much work we can accomplish or how many things we can do for God. Fruit is: “How much of Christ can be seen in me instead of me?”

The fruit of the Spirit is found in the transformed character of someone who walks with Jesus in the Difficult Path.

And the key ingredient is LOVE.

2. Joy vs. Happiness

Why are so many Christians overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed?

All of us have concerns and struggles… But have noticed that different people respond to difficulty differently?

Some people have joy no matter what, while some people are depressed no matter what. We can understand why the world might be depressed – but Christians
seems to struggle just as much!

Where is the JOY of our salvation?

Perhaps we’ve misunderstood what true spiritual JOY is really based on. Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with “happiness.” “Happiness” is totally dependent on my circumstances. If I like what happens, I’m happy. if I don’t like what happens, I’m unhappy.

JOY is different.

JOY can be a spiritual force in your life that is independent of how you feel. JOY can empower you to face whatever unpleasant things you have to face.

Happiness comes and goes, but JOY is eternal.

How can you tap into it?

3. My Peace I Give to You

Actor William Devane, looking wealthy and distinguished, has been trying to convince me that I should buy gold for my “peace of mind” in the global financial crisis.

What a joke!

The world offers you peace through drugs, alcohol, sex, or the accumulation of wealth. Even investing in silver and gold is presented as a the world’s way to secure peace of mind.

But it’s all based on a lie. Peace has nothing to do with stashing gold or having a false sense of security. Peace is a spiritual fruit. And peace is also a result of what we choose to focus our thoughts on. It’s easy to lose your peace if you’re focused on all the wrong things. Like hoarding gold or bullets or canned food.

Jesus promised us peace of mind in a stressed-out world when He said: “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid” (Jn. 14:27).

Peace – but not as the world gives.

Sounds good.

But how can we stay calm and peaceful in a world gone crazy? And how do we walk in that peace that Jesus promised us?

4. Lord, Give Me Patience!

I have a coffee mug that says, “Lord, give me patience. But I want it right now!”

Funny, right? But it illustrates the problem with patience.

Patience is not a virtue, it is a fruit of the Spirit.

And did you know there is a difference between patience and longsuffering?

We’ll look at both aspects and give you some practical as well as spiritual tips for helping you keep your cool.

5. Gentleness and Goodness

When you walk in the flesh, your heart gets harder and your character get weaker.

But when you walk in the Spirit, the opposite happens: your heart gets softer and your character get stronger.

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that a soft heart means a slack hand.

There is tremendous power in gentleness and goodness.

Not the wimpy, “walk-all-over-me” sort of gentleness…

I’m talking about the kind of gentleness that can stop a murderer.

Or silence an angry mob.

Or melt someone’s heart with just a glance.

It’s the kind of gentleness that is not overcome by evil, but overcomes evil with good.

With all the evil abounding today, I’m interested in getting more of this “super power” in my life.

How about you?

6. Faith and Faithfulness

Ever since the disciples first asked Jesus, “Increase our faith!” we have looked for ways to get more faith.

We hear Jesus say, “All things are possible to him who believes” and we WANT to believe.

But Faith is one of those simple things that got complicated by man.

And I think we’ve overlooked two important aspects of Faith.

In the first place, Faith is not a power or a force; it is a fruit of the Spirit.

As such, Faith and Love are connected.

So if you understand those two things – Faith as a fruit of the Spirit, and the Faith/Love connection – you’ll look at the whole “faith” teaching in a brand new light.

And your Faith will never be increased until you understand what Faith really is.

(It’s so simple you’ll wish you had learned this years ago – before the television preachers defined it.)

7. Meekness Isn’t Weakness

If you look up the word “meekness” in a dictionary, you’ll find both a positive and negative definition.

On the positive side, Meekness is defined as humility, calmness and patience.

On the negative side, Meekness is defined as weakness, overly submissive, and tame.

Which is correct?

Well, just look at the life of Jesus.

Which best describes the kind of meekness that Jesus exemplified: humble, calm and patient; or weak, overly submissive, and tame?

The Son of Man is many things, but He is certainly not weak, overly submissive, or tame – not by any stretch of the imagination!

So why does Meekness so often get associated with Weakness?

If Meekness is Weakness, why does the Bible say that “the meek will inherit the Earth”?

Maybe we need to take a fresh look at Meekness as a fruit of the Spirit so we can tap into its power.

8. The Art of Self-Control

The ability to control yourself…

SELF Control…

Most people don’t have it and can’t do it.

Isn’t it interesting that the very last characteristic of spiritual fruit is “self control.”

Doesn’t sound real spiritual, does it?

Love, joy, peace and all the others sound kind of abstract.

But SELF Control deals directly with your flesh – and it’s impossible to fake it. You either have CONTROL over YOUR SELF or you don’t.

Now, if you don’t have control over your SELF, how can you get it?

God’s Word has the answers.

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Total Program Length: 11 hours 54 minutes

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