How to Win the Battle for Your Mind

Take control of your thoughts and
experience the transforming power of the Word of God!

“Faith comes by hearing.”
(Romans 10:17)
Dear Friend,

Do you sometimes struggle with out-of-control thoughts – fear, doubt, worry, confusion, anxiety or stress?

Do you want to believe, but find your head keeps getting in the way of your heart?

Have you ever tried reading the Bible for inspiration but found it hard to understand – or you didn’t know where to start – or you couldn’t find enough verses to speak to YOUR particular need at that moment?

In the “old days” I used to carry around a little booklet with all the promises of the Bible written in it.

Now, whenever I need to get my thoughts focused and my mind renewed… I just pop in one of my Scripture Meditation audio programs and quickly re-connect with the truth of God’s Word. I can listen while driving, exercising, mowing the lawn, or laying in bed.

It works for me – and it will work for you, too!


This is good general-purpose program for quieting and calming your mind. The Scriptures used in this program primarily focus on peace, renewing your mind, and taking control of your thought life.


This program is for those needing God’s direction and guidance in their life. The Scriptures used in this program primarily focus on wisdom, direction, guidance, spiritual discernment and the leading of the Holy Spirit.


This program is best for those who need the spiritual and emotional encouragement to keep pressing on. The Scriptures used in this program primarily focus on perseverance, faith, hope, and strength.


This program is for those needing assurance of God’s promises for walking in victory. The Scriptures used in this program primarily focus on overcoming obstacles, winning your battles, defeating your enemies, and living as “more than a conqueror”!


This program is for those needing assurance of God’s provision for health, healing, and wellness. The Scriptures used in this program primarily focus on physical well-being, taking care of your body, recovery, strength, healthy living, glorifying God with your body, and freedom from sickness and disease. 

Renewing Your Mind

God wants to completely deliver you in the area of your mind, thoughts, and emotions, but there is a part that you play in the process. The Bible says that you can be transformed by renewing your mind! What does it mean to renew your mind? How do you go about it? What does a renewed mind “look” like? How does it function? What happens if you DON’T renew your mind? The answers are in the Word of God, waiting to be discovered.

Do They Really Work?

Here’s what our listeners say

“So amazing… what freedom…”

The Scriptural Meditation programs have been so amazing. I used to hate being in my head and wished I could escape. As I have been listening to these programs, all negative thoughts have been less and those that come are easily cast down. What freedom – I can just love Jesus, renew my mind, focus on good thoughts and stay seated on the throne, at rest with Him.”

– RB

“My spirit was leaping!”

“The Lord is my Witness of how much I received from the Serenity program. MY spirit bore witness over and over and over of the TRUTH of the Words spoken over me this morning. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, while my spirit was leaping! All I can say is Glory to the Father for all your work of love.”

– GE

“I find myself growing and maturing…”

All the teachings, and Scriptural Meditation programs I have from you, have been such a help. I find myself growing and maturing, pressing into Christ, and having a closer deeper relationship with Him and trusting Him more and more in each area of my life.”

– AK

“One of my favorites…”

I really appreciate and am presently playing your “VICTORY” Scripture Meditation program. You have a calm, and comforting voice and the continual affirmation of scripture throughout the porogram is powerful. This program will become one of my favorites. ”

– JF

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